Releases Coming Soon

Work in Process 

The next generation of Lumenique products will be released very soon. Please follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for release announcements, visit the Lumenique Blog for progress reports, or email us to recieve a notification directly. Thank you for your interest!

A small sampling of previous design experiments and explorations

Light source and approach to healthier sustainable illumination

What we Deliver is in Our Name

Lumen (light) + Unique (of special character) = Lumenique

We design and create sculptural portable lighting. Our designs are inspired by architecture and machinery, utilizing modern technolgy to deliver a unique experience of art and light. Our products are hand made in the United States utilizing components sourced domestically and from Europe. All our products are gallery quality - to be seen, while providing light to see by. We offer our products for sale direct, and through select outlets and galleries.

Born of Icons






Of Machines and Tasks