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Lumenique is clearing out old inventory, meters, testing devices, LED boards, and fixtures. Visit the Tasca Online Store for current inventory. Tasca Online Store

A Unique Resource

Passionate about art, design and light

Lumenique is derived from Lumen + Unique or Light+Art. We are an Industrial Design entity specifically focused on light in all its forms - from solid state technology integration to artistic creations that act as both sculpture and light source in architectural environments. Our primary focus is on delivering unique products and services through the creative process of art and design, while coupling passion to expressive practical thinking.

Our customers include individuals, building owners, lighting fixture manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and trade publications. We bring our technology customers closer to light, and lighting customers closer to the current state of technology. We add value by delivering specialized services and products to suit individual customer needs.

We also repurpose classic designs and products through retrofitting and remanufacturing, as well as conversion of found objects into light sculptures. Further, we apply the same creative process to design and production of displays and display features for retail and commercial trade shows.

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Why Lumenique

concept to realization

We are committed to the unique and special over off-shelf commodities. This includes idea generation and exploration, through creation of products to fit specific applications. In a world more and more focused on mass production of undistinguished product, we thrive on niche markets, custom products, and small one-off ideas that add distinction to human environments.

Lumenique also assists those with their own great ideas, who need assistance seeing those inspirations realized. This includes participation in idea development, design engineering, proofing, prototyping, testing - through short run production as small as one unit.

Tasca - Solid State Work Lighting

About Tasca

Tasca is the product brand of Lumenique, LLC, offering a range of special purpose, made in the USA products

  • Hard Service Work Lighting
  • Lighting Tools
  • UV Cure Lighting
  • Unique and customized special purpose localized lighting products for enhancing task performance

Visit the Tasca website for more detail and an overview of products on offer