Terms and Proof of Authenticity

We are open to requests for commissions for custom work. Contact us at any time with your idea, thoughts or request. We will provide a timely response as to whether we are able to satisfy the request, and will follow up with the next steps, including collecting information and providing quotations for approval, which will include final price, deposit requirements, and time to complete the requested work. Work begins upon reciept of a signed approval of work description and receipt of quoted deposit. 

Providance Record Keeping
Every product is identified by a unique serial number code on each piece. This serial number is logged into the Lumenque database with a reference image and description, and data indicating the item, purchasing customer, art completion date, and type of work coded as "AP" for artist proof, "PN" Production number of "SI" Series issue (total maximum number to be produced). Each product carrying a uinique serial number code will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that indicates the identification number, date of completion, and purchasing customer. A copy of this certificate will be retained by Lumenique, and can be re-issued at any time, should an item be sold and the seller and buyer wish to have the proof of providance updated, indicating who the original purchaser was, and any subsequent purchasers. The unique serial number can also be used to replace a work that has been destroyed - with proof that the original is no longer viable.

Definitions of Terms Used

Artist Proof - AP

A work that is the first of its kind, that will not be recreated specifically. However, the general design may the basis future objects in future AP releases or Series creation, with changes and adjustments made as the design is developed further. An AP remains a unique on-of item that is distiguishable from all work that may be derived from it. 

Series (PN) of (SI)
A work that is part of a series of identical items that will be created to the maximum number in the series shown. When a series is completed, the items will no longer be produced. Design elements may be shared with other items of unique character in future AP or Series releases, but the issued series items will remain markedly distinguishable from any future work derived from them. Series run objecs will often be less expensive than other definitions, due to the methods used to produce them in greater quantities.

Experimentation Pieces - EP
A work that was the result of a exploring an idea, that will not be used in the resulting form for an art object, but may have components or features that will be developed at a future date. Similar to an artist proof, but with more raw content or conceptual feature inclusions that differentiate them from finished or developed works.

Exlusive (XW)
A work that is designed and created with an exclusive agreement to meet a customer demand for exclusivity, or a product that is created that will not be reproduced, or utilized in any way for future works, iterations or derivative work.

Conditions of Product Use
Unless specifically stated otherwise, Lumenique art objectsare for indoor use only, dry locations, protected from high humidity, and direct sunlight. Cleaning or dusting must be done using static-free dry cloth, with no abrasive or chemical cleaners. When cleaning exposed surfaces of optics, lenses/diffusers, or OLED light sources directly, no pressure is to be applied for any reason.

Lighted objects utilize UL or ETL listed components and UL listed isolated power supplies, but are not themselves listed products - as they are not lighting products, but art objects. Each object operates at low voltage DC (<48V) supplied by a provided plug-in power supply, creating an inherently safe light source (no shock potential and intherent short-circuit protection.) Product returns will not be accepted on the basis of not being listed.  

Lumenique warrants its products against defects in workmanship or materials for a period of 36 months from the date of sale, to the initial purchasing customer. OLED components will be considered defective if one or more of the OLED panels fail to illuminate or develops visible bright or dark spots. Painted finishes will be considered defective in material or workmanship only if there is substantial deterioration in the form of blistering, cracking, or peeling. Painted finishes are not warranted against fading or chalking, as finishes may change over time due to normal aging. Damage resulting from cleaning, exposure to water and/or high humidity is not a defect and is not covered under this warranty.

This warranty is void if the product is misused, altered, tampered with or is used in a manner that is inconsistent with intended application, conditions of use, specifications and/or instructions provided.

Lumenique does not warrant the suitability of the product for any particular application. Determining product application suitability is solely the customer’s responsibility. Lumenique is not liable for special, indirect, incidental, consequential or other damages including, but not limited to, loss, damage, personal injury, or any other expense directly or indirectly arising from the use of or inability to use its products.

All other warranties express or implied, whether oral, written or in any other form, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are expressly excluded.

The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is limited, at the option of Lumenique, to replacement or repair of the defective product or credit in the amount of the original selling price upon return of the original product. All allegedly defective products must be returned prepaid transportation to Lumenique, under issued RMA notification (email request to be issued an RMA) with detailed information describing the product’s application and performance failure before any warranty claim processing will take place.

Lumenique will repair and return to full operation any product it has made, regardless of Warranty status, ownership position, time since purchase, or reason for failure. Please email us should you experience an issue you wish to be addressed, including product description, purchase date, and issue to be resolved. We will provide a quote with estimated costs of the repair for approval, and issuance of an RMA to send us the fixture for work to be completed. If you purchase a used Lumenique product, and wish to have it refirbished, contact us to obtain a quote.

Lumenique Lighted Objects are exclusive and limited in availability. Every effort is made to insure that patron's investment is protected and their experience is satisfying.