Terms and Proof of Authenticity

Gallery and Art Exhibitor Pricing
For pricing for reseller, retail, gallery, exhibition, or Art Representation, please conact me to discuss terms and discounts available from direct pricing.

Commissioned Works
For requests for commissions for custom work, contact us at any time with your idea, thoughts or request. I will provide a timely response as to whether I am able to satisfy the request, and will follow up with the next steps, including collecting information and providing quotations for approval. Work begins upon receipt of a signed approval of work description and any required deposit included in the quotation. 

Provenance Record Keeping
Every product made is identified by a unique serial number code label placed on its base. This serial number is logged into the Lumenique database with a reference image and description, and data indicating the item completion date, and type of work coded (see definitions below.) 

Definitions of Terms Used

Artist Proof - AP

A work that is the first of its kind, that will not be recreated specifically. However, the general design may the basis future objects in future AP releases or Series creations. An AP remains a unique one-of item, distinguishable from any work that may be derived from it. 

Series (PN) of (SN)
A work that is part of a series of identical or series of iterations of items that will be created to the maximum number in the series shown. 

Exclusive Commissioned or Custom Work (CW)
A work that is designed and created with an exclusive agreement to meet a customer demand for exclusivity, or a product that is created that will not be reproduced, or utilized in any way for future works, iterations or derivative work.

Lumenique will make every effort to repair any work that has been damaged. Email a photo of the damaged item and description of the damage. A quote will be provided for the repair.