Sold Items

Sold Items Fall Under Three Classifications

Artist Proof Items - AP

The sold item was a one-off Artist Proof that will not be reproduced exactly as it is represented.

Series (PN) of (SN)
Series items will show how many have sold and the number of items to be produced in the series. When all items are sold within the series, a statement will show "Series Closed", and no further copies of the item will be produced.

Items in Current Use, Exclusively Commissioned, and/or Custom Work (CW)
Exclusive commissioned works are not shown on the regular web site as available, and are not available for sale to anyone other than the customer commissioning the original work.

If you have interest in the item and would like to purchase something similar
If you have interest in a sold item, and wish to purchase something similar, or commision a new work based on the original, please conect me via email. I will update you as to what options I can offer you, either by giving you a preview of similar works in process that may be applicable, or by opening a dialog about commissioning a special item to your specification.