Order Processing and Shipping Information

Basic Delivery Information
In stock items will ship within 3 business days. Commissioned, special issue, or customized items will be delivered on an agreed upon schedule at the time of commissioning. 

Shipping and Processing Charges
Standard shipping in the United States is done via common carriers.

In order to protect the object(s) being shipped, there may be additional crating charges imposed, based on the object, and the destination and shipping methods. We will quote these charges at time of order processing, usually handeled as a separate line item from the product purchase.

Canadian Orders
Orders shipped to Canada will require additional duties and customs charges. All prices are listed in USD. We will quote additional charges for processing separate of the product order.

International Orders except Canada
Please contact us prior to ordering a product to be shipped outside the United States or Canada. We will do what we can to accomodate international orders on an individual case basis.

See Warranty in Terms & Conditions for returning a product for replacement, or repair.