OLEDS = Organic Light

Naturally Comfortable Illumination

Lumenique utilizes OLEDWorks light sources in many of its works, and is a certified channel partner, which includes technical support.

OLEDs are a form of solid state light that is slim, efficient, long lived, low heat, low glare, and of a high quality character that works with human circadian function.

Why Would an Artist Choose OLED?

OLED Specifications used in Artistic Works Here

The main OLED panels in use are of 3000KCCT, with a CRI>90 and an R9>50. This is equivalent to halogen lighting, without the dangerous heat from lamps. Further, OLEDs do not produce the same blue light content of other LED sources, so the light is more comfortable, and less disruptive to sleep.

The OLEDs are applied in such a manner as to provide exceptionally long life in use.