A Lifetime of Art and Light

Lumenique is the studio of Kevin Willmorth, who began hus professional life in 1977 as a Graphic Artist and Photographer. In 1981 he entered architectural lighting design as a staff designer, then in 1985 opened his first Lighting Design Consulting firm. Lumenique was formed in 1986 to create artistic works for lighting customers and art gallary exhibition.

"It all started with lighting design customers wanting products that were not available. They preferred we kust take care of for them. I have always enjoyed making things, so this was a natural tranformation."

From 1990 to 2006, Kevin pursued lighting product development in design leadership roles for luminaire manufacturers. In 2006, Kevin returned to Lumenique to provide freelance design and product development - focused on emerging solid-state technologies.

"As a consultant, I had an opportunity to assist several forward thinking organizations, start-ups, and technology providers - paffording me greater range of experience than I could have realized within any one organization."

He is published for his views on integrating technology with creative lighting and served as consulting editor for Architectrual SSL magazine from 2007 to 2019.

In 2010, Kevin created 53 unique functioning SSL products in 52 weeks.

"Of 53 projects completed, a few were commissioned by customers, some purchased outright, others retained to light my own spaces, and several acquired by the manufacturers of the technology. All of this was done in addidition to regular business activity."

Driven by a passion for both art and light, Kevin has returned Lumenique on its origins, focused exclusively on lighted artwork.

"I have a strong effinity for both architectural design and machine elements, which can be seen in my past work. Being a small studio is where I am most comfortable, it provides me the flexibility to explore new ideas and inspirations."

Lumenique designs and creates sculptural portable lighting. Our designs are inspired by architecture and machinery, utilizing modern technolgy to deliver a unique experience of art and light. Our products are intended to be seen, while providing light to see by.

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Early exploration of small portable lighting started with these simple soldered wire structures created in 1985-86. From these, several evolutions in approach have occurred, each incorporating different levels of design and technology, including the machined LED luminaire shown here.