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2015 Celebrating the Year of Light - Design 5
Design 5 - Techno Task Lighter
Design 5 Design 5 - Fixture Head Detail
Design 5 - Back view Design 5 - Fixture pointing up
D5: Techno Task Lighter

This design features a task light that is a compact, intense light (1,200+ Fc) with no, or brightness, and high color accuracy fixture. The design incorporates the new Bridgelux Vero LED with its integrated Molex connector, and a Nuventix cooler. The Bridgelux array operates at 33.7V (500mA), the Nuventix cooler is at 12V. The whole thing is powered with a 24VDC wall wart power supply. That meant I needed to employ a boost driver for the LED, and a buck (24VDC to 12VDC) power converter for the Nuventix cooler. I used a Recom components to attain this, and used a cut up experimenters printed circuit board to connect these to two to the power supply, the cooler, the LED and the dimmer control.

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