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2015 Celebrating the Year of Light - Design 3
Design 3  Wireless Color Wands
Fig 1: The basic setup a base plate, ball sockets, and wands with RGB LED strips in each.
Design 3 - Fan Arrangement
Fig 2: Wands set into a corner with RGB and blue color modes. The wands on the outside are turned toward the walls, the center wand into the corner.
Design 3 - Fan Arrangement 2
Fig 3: Wands arranged as Fig 2, but with sunset tones,
warm white and pastel colors.

Fig 4: Wands in a V formation, all aimed
at a slight outward angle to the wall.

Design 3 - Perspective View
Fig 5: All three wands aimed into the
corner for a perspective view.
Design 3 - Vectored Arrangement
Fig 6: Wands arranged into a vectored
arrangement, aimed directly at the wall.
D3: Wireless Color Wands

For this design I incorporated the Philips Hue wireless control and RGB tape light into a simple fixture stand that can sit against a wall or in a corner.

The wands are mounted to a ball, machined from brass, that sits in sockets printed in ABS plastic. At the tip of each wand is a printed ABS clear plastic diffuser that extends the color just beyond the tip of the metal housing. The housing is a U-shaped aluminum channel that the tape light was installed into.

The mechanical arrangement allows the wands to be tilted and twisted to create different arrays, that when mixed with color effect, create many different finished "looks" that can be easily changed and reconfigured either by moving the wands or programming the colors.

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