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2015 Celebrating the Year of Light - Design 1
Design 1 - UV Cure Cube 
Design 1 - Cube Closed Design 1 - Cube Open Design 1 - Open and Lit
D1: The Purple Light "UV" Cure Cube

The Cure Cube is used for curing SLA 3D prints created on the Form Labs 1+ printer. Exposing SLA prints to the 405nm "UV" light increases strength and creates a harder surface for final finishing. The cube utilizes a simple aluminum housing, with FDM 3D printed top and bottom covers. The top cover houses a single Recom 500mA driver, side switch and wiring terminal block on a Tasca LED driver circuit board.

5mm 450mm LEDs with FWHM distribution of 60°, 25 per side and top (125 total), operating at 20mA each, mounted to custom circuit boards sourced at PCB . Each board connects the LEDs in parallel, while the boards are connected in series, resulting in a 500mA, 15.4V circuit, totaling 7.7W. The boards and internal exposed surfaces inside the box were then covered with White Optics 98 matte material.

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