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2015 Celebrating the Year of Light - Design 16
Magnifier Inspection Light
Magnifier Inspection Light - Bottom View
Magnifier Inspection Light Magnifier Inspection Light - Drill Bit Magnified
D16: Magnifier Inspection Light

This week's design is a multipurpose magnifier light ring tool.

The housing was printed on our Dimension FDM printer, then smoothed and painted Blitz Black. The switch block/power entry and diffuser were printed on our Form Labs SLA printer to get the clear material for the lens and finer detail needed in the switch block that the FDM cannot produce. The LEDs are in the form of flexible tape light. It is powered by a remote 24VDC wall wart, as its final use will be in the shop where dead batteries are a constant irritation. However, a battery powered version would not be hard to create.

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