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2015 Celebrating the Year of Light - Design 12
Grow Light
Grow Light Grow Light - Up Position
Grow Light - RGB View
D12: Growth Starter Light

Plant Growth Light - The use of LEDs in agricultural applications is expanding along side visual light and light cure technologies. The technology is even more compelling here for its reduction in energy consumption and lack of heat in the light pattern. The key element of LEDs in this application is the ability to create a specific spectral power profile, with none of the peripheral light unnecessary to get the job done. The light plants need is not the same as human vision. In fact, it is almost the opposite. While we humans with our juice camera eyeballs respond to light in the yellow-green spectrum to see by, our blind little green friends use light in the red and blue ends of the spectrum to activate various chemical reactions to generate food, build cells, and dispose of waste.

It uses Kingbrite RGB LEDs wired unconventionally, to deliver both Red/Green/Blue from 3 of the LEDs (Red being most dominant), and Blue from 2 additional LEDs. The power source is an off-shelf Meanwell 700mA driver. We connect this device to a wall mounted timer to cycle it on and off to suit whatever we are growing at the time.

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