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2015 Celebrating the Year of Light - Design 10
Design 10
Design 10 - Head Lamp Design 10 - Headlight
D10: And Then There Was None... Halogen Lamps That Is

For 2015, I’m going to present application of LEDs and SSL technology wherever I find a place for it, in actual applications, including, but not limited to lighting applications. There is a simple reason for this. My interest and pursuit of solid-state lighting integration is not bound to architectural lighting, it also includes UV curing and artistic application and, in this case, recreational uses.

So this weeks design showcases the integration of LED lighting into a 1979 motorcycle project. It seemed simple enough, as there are many made in Asia LED products sold through motorcycle retailers. The problem is, when you dig into them, they are either complete junk, weak performers, or did not fit the design of the project in hand.  You can read more about the process on the Inside SSL blog.

The result of the LED conversion reduced the load on the charging system and battery system from 94W to just 26W total, which allows the charging system to be used by the ignition system, at a more constant output voltage – while delivering brighter lights all around, and decreasing the time it takes to recharge the battery after starting.

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