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52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 51
Design 51

Bottom line, most LED shop lights are total junk. They use trash for LEDs in clusters, deliver poor light quality and low intensity. This experiment incorporates a high lumen Bridgelux LED array and Lidel 43 degree (FWHM) optic, producing 911 lumens (out of the head, at operating temperature). Center beam candela is 1308, putting 134 Footcandles on a target 36" away covering 72" in its field. This is 8X the power of fluorescent and LED products widely available today. The body houses the electronics, while the head is cooled using a Nuventix cooling system to manage thermals regardless of orientation. The head tilts, and there are several mounting accessories to put light right where it is needed. A hi-lo switch setting trims light for close-in tasks where the high setting is too bright.
Design 51   Design 51  Design 51

Design 51  Design 51  Design 51

Design 51  Design 51  Design 51 

Design 51  Design 51

At a full 20 Watts, this work light produces more light on the task than the old school 150W incandescent work lights, yet will not burn your head or hands. will not pop when bumped, and can be directed very precisely where needed. The mounting components snap on and off, and can be used in combination to get the light where its most useful - job by job.

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