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52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 43
Design 43 Design 43  Design 43

Design 43  Design 43  Design 43
The conventional table lamp will remain with us for some time to come. However, that does not mean that it is perfect. In my opinion, applying LEDs to get rid of the old light bulb presents several opportunities - the first being getting rid of the light bulb altogether. In this case, their is no visible direct light source. A GE Vio LED is nested inside a cup, with the shade material producing all into the space indirectly. For this design, I used White Optics material to make a simple paper shade. The result is soft light, no visible lamp, and a pleasant overall appearance. The rest of the fixture is English Walnut polished aluminum and soft white accents. The little knob on the base provides full range dimming.

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