52 In 52

52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 36
Design 36   Design 36   Design 36

Design 36   Design 36
This little fixture is the first experiment in creating a lightweight, simple and versatile lamp to challenge status quo table lamp. The shade is made from White Optics material, which has an interesting fabric quality to it from the back side, while being highly reflective from the other. In this case, the lamp can be used as a shaded lighter that puts the majority of its light on the wall behind it... or, it can be turned around and work like a room soft-light similar to a photographers light, providing diffuse light into a space. No matter what angle this is viewed at, the light source is invisible. In this case, a single 12 Tesla LynkLabs 12VAC SnabBrite strip is used. To make it even simpler the power supply is a 120-12V, with a simple on-off switch. This could also be connected to a dimmed outlet using a low cost magnetic LV style dimmer.

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