52 In 52

52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 31
Design 31 Design 31  Design 31  Design 31
Design 31 Design 31 Design 31 Design 31

Alien Landing
No 'Chute




Some may feel like LEDs are driving them  out of their skull. This piece is intended as a humorous expression of this thought, LEDs being driven out of a skull. Note that resistance is not only futile, but incorporated as part of the drive circuitry to balance the forward voltage of the upper white (Cree MCE) and lower red (Lumileds Rebel) LEDs. Based on this simple circuit addition to a current control driver, the white light dims first, then the red, producing a unique controls effect from a single dimmer knob. The thumbnails above are of other similar humoristic expressions similar to the skull, as reference.

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