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52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 30

Design 30
Design 30   Design 30

Design 30 Design 30 Design 30 Design 30
In testing of reflective and transmissive materials, a light source with very tight cutoff and no stray light dancing around to pollute the readings is a handy tool. Expensive lab tools may provide just such a source, but are overkill for most design processes beyond finite test work - best left to certified independent labs. Tube shields are okay for distribution cutoff to around 30 degrees, but reflections from the interior tube walls create limited control. This lead to the gadget you see here. By using an initial small tube shield, then two conical shades with thin edges at the aperture, light is trimmed away from the main beam pattern, until the final desired output angle. In this particular execution, the cutoff angle is 10 degrees full width. The light across the remaining light output is very uniform, and depending on how close you place it to the target surface, can be very sharp or soft at the edges. Removing the forward shade, opens the beam pattern to 20 degrees. The light source is a Lamina LED inside a Lamina MR16 retrofit housing which has had its internal driver removed to allow operating the LED using a remote driver to improve repeatability and increase light output. Light intensity at 6" in the configuration shown is over 500Fc, more than enough for a wide range of surface testing needs.

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