52 In 52

52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 26
Design 26 Design 26  Design 26 Design 26 Design 26
Design 26 Design 26 Design 26
Kliegl Brothers made iconic theatrical lighting products for more than 50 years before closing its doors in the 90's. This specific unit was rescued from a casino demolition in the 1980's, and was installed sometime in 1967. Originally, this was lamped with a 400W halogen lamp, which is unsuitable for my use for interior accent lighting for many reasons. Efforts to install LEDs into this failed to produce acceptable luminance, until now. I created a light engine with locating rings that uses a single Xicato 700lm spot LED module, with a spot reflector, the now projector now delivers 48Fc on a surface 8 feet away, and retains its original capacity to focus and frame targeted optics. I also made the glare control snoot to cut off visibility of the forward lens.  Contact us for retrofitting your own fixtures, or for a list of fixtures we have on hand ready for conversion to order.

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