52 In 52

52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 20
Design 20- Table Lamp Design 20 - Table Lamp
Design 20 - Table Lamp    Design 20 - Table Lamp
This piece has a somewhat specific placement in mind. Fireplace mantles, or high parsons tables and side boards beg arte nice places to introduce both a little art, as well as a light that generates some indirect illumination. This fixture is only 5" deep front to back and the optic produces a pleasant, streak and pattern free wash up, either on art above or to the ceiling. An 800lm Bridgelux array driven an 1A provides the power, while a dimmer in base (black disc under center section) provides intensity control. Antiqued copper provides accent, and reveals the use of the material to conduct heat into the copper blades and aluminum stem.

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