52 In 52

52 New SSL designs in 52 Weeks for 2010 - Design 16
Cree LR6 Downlight Baffle
Design 16 - Downlight Baffle

Design 16 - Downlight Baffle  Design 16 - Downlight Baffle
Before (left) shows potentially offensive high angle brightness
After (right) demonstrates significant reduction in high angle glare with minimal impact on total illuminance  - also take a look at  Additional Louver Concepts
MR16 Retrofit Lamp Snoot
Design 16 - Downlight Baffle

Design 16  Design16  
Before (left) and After (right) show significant reduction in glare from light source.
No effect on focal beam energy.

Glare and brightness control has been a lighting market issue from the dawn of artificial illumination. LEDs and SSL products are not immune to this. In fact many produce more glare and brilliance than conventional products. This is caused by an over zeolous pursuit of efficacy numbers over lighting qualities, resulting in very bright apertures and less control over distribution of light. In some applications, this can be offensive to the eye. Since SSL products rarely fit standard accessories, adding glare control to them can not be accomplished with off-the-shelf parts.

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